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Fat Albert's Won Best Lunch and Best Desserts
in the Greeley Tribune's Best of Greeley Survey!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us! named Fat Albert's one of the eleven
best restaurants in Colorado outside of Denver!

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Thank you to everyone who voted for Fat Albert's in the
2011 "Hot Picks" Survey!

You voted us "Best Lunch" and second place in the "Best Dessert/Donut/Pastry" category. Since first and third place went to donut shops, we're claiming victory for pies!
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From the Greeley Daily Tribune:

2008 Reader's Choice Awards:

Favorite Patio Dining, Favorite Lunch, Favorite Pie, Favorite Dessert

Does Fat Albert's have a corner on the market or what? This Greeley icon and popular place to eat, drink and be merry indoors or out, is the winner in a record FOUR categories.

One reason for its year-after-year lunch popularity may be the fact that its menu has changed little over the years, still offering old favorites such as the Monte Cristo sandwich and award-winning pies and desserts. Gotta have some corned beef and cabbage? Don't need to wait for the daily countdown to St. Patty's Day. It is available every month.

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Just to tempt the hungry customer, rich pies and delectable desserts revolve in a glass case as they wait to be seated. That is just cruel. Many are a mile high and all are made from scratch...most likely the reason they are the Reader's Choice year after year. Sue Albert and her late husband Roger opened the restaurant in Greeley 26 years ago. "We're just a little independent," said Sue. "But we seem to be hanging in with all the new businesses around." With many places coming and going, Fat Albert's has certainly passed the test of time.

© 2008, The Greeley Tribune

A Greeley favorite

© The Greeley Tribune, March 24, 2002

by Bill Jackson,

When Roger and Sue Albert met as students at the University of Northern Colorado, perhaps the last thing they saw themselves doing was owning and operating a restaurant together.

"She majored in psychology. I majored in beer," he said.That was nearly 30 years ago.

But this month the two are celebrating their 20th anniversary of operating Fat Albert's in Cottonwood Square, which has become one of Greeley's favorite eateries and watering holes. Dave Baker has been a steady customer at the restaurant since 1992. Retired and living by himself, Baker can be found most evenings sitting at the bar, eating his dinner, bantering with the waitresses and passing out balloons to kids when the place gets busy.    more...

Greeley's Albert's keeps customers fat and happy

From the Ft. Collins Coloradoan, February 12, 1993

by Connie Ghent

Several years ago, possibly in another life, I turned out restaurant reviews for another, now long-departed, publication. In the line of duty, while roaming the Front Range in search of new and exciting places to wine and dine, I stumbled upon a small restaurant in Greeley called Fat Albert's.

At that time I gave the food a very good rating, commented on the lively atmosphere and reported that I was unable to ascertain if the namesake, Fat Albert, did in fact exist.

Well, it's nice to report that good things never change. Fat Albert's is still in the same place in Cottonwood Square, has the sane macrame and stained glass that it had in the past, has much the same menu, and the prices, except for a dollar or two, are pretty much on par with what they were eight years ago. I still haven't laid eyes on the owner, Albert the fat one (although he is a real person).    more...

Fat Albert's

From Greeley Style Magazine, October/November 1992

by Marshall Clough

Fat Albert's is a busy restaurant. At peak lunch and dinner hours hopeful diners crowd the vestibule, listening for the hostess to call their names. The owners have cleverly placed a display case full of freshly-baked pies against the vestibule wall, tempting waiting customers to choose their desserts even before they sit down to eat. While the wait can be as long as 20 minutes, it usually passes quickly (unless the restaurant is very crowded), for there are chairs along the corridor and the restaurant's friendly atmosphere creates a sense of comfortable anticipation.   more...